What We Believe … Many churches today minimize the importance of beliefs, but El Bethel is quite different. We stand firmly on God's Word as the foundation of our faith and practice. You'll notice an abundance of scripture references in our Statement of Faith. As a fundamental Baptist Church, Bible preaching and teaching are central to our ministry. What you believe is vitally important! Your beliefs concerning Jesus Christ determine how you live on earth and where you will spend eternity. God's Way of Salvation tells how you can come to know Christ as your personal Savior.
A Little History
El Bethel Baptist Church has a history that is marked by God’s blessing. The church was started as a mission sponsored by First Baptist Church of Tampa, under the leadership of W. P. Head. It was organized into a church during the summer of 1902, with seven charter members. The church was given a scriptural name “El Bethel” which means “the God of the house of God” (Genesis 35:7).  Originally located in what was known as the garrison section of Tampa, the church moved to the College Hill area until 1915 when it relocated to 20th Ave. and 29th Street. Finally, in 1947 that property was sold and new property purchased at the current location of 15th Street and Diana. El Bethel Baptist Church has been a ministry in this neighborhood since 1948.  The property has been developed and expanded through the years to what exists today. As God has blessed financially, a baptistry, air conditioning, offices and other buildings have been added to the church campus. God has blessed El Bethel Baptist Church in  many ways. Throughout its 111 years there have been 35 pastors whose godly leadership has led the church to grow both spiritually and numerically. Through the years the church has offered Sunday School, Training Union, Mission Organizations, Vacation Bible School, Worship Services, Music and various other activities for all ages to come together for fellowship, Bible teaching and to be strengthened in their walk with Christ.  Just as it started as a mission from another ministry, El Bethel Baptist Church has in turn   sponsored other missions which went on to become Valrico Baptist Church, Jackson Heights Baptist Church, and Rocky Creek Baptist Church. Other ministries have included    a Radio program, puppet ministry, food pantry, and support of missionaries and evangelistic efforts around the world through giving directly to their ministries.  Today, El Bethel Baptist Church is a small    but growing, ethnically diverse family of believers who are striving to grow to more like Jesus, reach out and minister in our community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We would love to have you come and join us. There is a place for you to serve the Lord  at           El Bethel Baptist Church. 6611 NORTH 15TH. STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA 33610
Chuck Richards,  Pastor